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The Goal

To provide a safe, fun and effective martial arts program emphasizing both physical and emotional development where well-rounded students can carry the disciplines of the martial arts into their daily lives and succeed.
To inspire by blending technical expertise, positive role modeling, encouragement & discipline We want students to live-out-loud and succeed. Knowing how to handle confrontation with poise and confidence is part of that equation.

Current Classes We Offer

Ages 13 and Up

Tang Soo Do

Tang Soo Do (Korean martial arts) gained popularity in the U.S. initially through movies by Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee. This style is a composite of 60% Soo Bak (ancient foot fighting methods) and 40% Chinese hand techniques. It features dynamic kicking, punching and blocking techniques along with powerful self-defense capabilities.

Ages 7 to 13

Young Dragons

Classes are disciplined and structured to accomplish the program objectives. We teach traditional Tang Soo Do (Korean karate) along with sophisticated and powerful self-defense including the techniques to deescalate and walk away if necessary.

Ages 4 to 6

Little Dragons

Classes are structured and disciplined but also active and fun. We use purposeful games so kids enjoy the class and feel challenged. The curriculum consists of a variety of movement, balance and timing drills designed for physical development while we arm kids with specific self-defense for handling the bullies. Safety is emphasized. We never had an injury more serious than a slightly sprained wrist or ankle.

Special Seminars


The handling and application, both offense and defense, of the following weapons: Kubuton, Sai, Knun-Chuka (Nunchucks), Bo, Jo, Tonfa, Sword, Knife.


Learn ancient forms and how they are beneficial today both for health and fitness and also their fighting applications. You will learn the intricate movements and the spirit behind them that make these forms treasures. Very few people in the world understand and can use this information correctly. Come and gain the benefits of this unique training seminar.

Free Fighting

Tournament sparring’s winningest strategies along with street survival. It’s essential that you know the difference between sport karate and real combat and be proficient in at least the later. This is such a fun and valuable class. Be prepared for a workout. The class includes partner drills, bag work, personal practice of some of the very best no-nonsense fighting combinations both standing and on the ground.


The technique and mindset to break materials that are harder than you. Training under careful supervision, students are guided through the process of discovery allowing them to break through boards and brick by first breaking through possible self-imposed assumed limitations. Not only can you then break these materials without injury, new horizons and grander visions become achievable. This is more than a breaking seminar, it’s an empowerment class. This is appropriate for individuals and groups. Corporate groups have also taken advantage of this opportunity for their employees.

Affordable Pricing

  • No Contracts
  • Simple Pricing
  • Unlimited Classes
  • Family Discount Available

Only $109 Per Month

Come in for a free class!
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Rick Mirandette

Founded Mirandette’s Martial Arts Center in 1991. With his more than 50 years of experience (ranked Grand Master), he hopes to bring the benefits of training to others for their confidence, safety, and success. High confidence backed by competence allows us to Live-Out-Loud.